Cobra Beats

by Team Cobra

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The Osirian Portal have used many songs over the years. With the release of Ophidian's "Death To Amasis", it was time to clean out the proverbial closet. This album contains music created for or inspired by Ophidian and Amasis(most certainly not Hieracon).

The Osirian Portal are one of the greatest tag teams to ever enter the Lucha Libre scene. They are best known for incorporating hypnotic dancing within their acrobatic and breathtaking maneuvers. The music within this album represents the "Egyptian" Style that only they could pull off! Ya Digg?!?


released October 31, 2012

Ophidian The Cobra, Hayley Jane, Zeb Frinar, Paul Danger, J-Slant, XCALIBUR



all rights reserved


Ophidian The Cobra Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Strike First. Strike Fast. Strike Hard."

The one and only Master of "Snake Style" Lucha Libre! Snake Style isn't just a Battle Cry, its the key to victory. Its my way of life! For booking information, email ... more

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Track Name: Ophidian The Cobra Featuring Hayley Jane - Death To Amasis

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit
Death from the original dinner, the snake spirit

Verse 1:

At high noon I killed Amasis
Shocked the masses
Left him lifeless and maskless

The funky pharaoh thought he had the control
Like Shang tsung I had to steal your soul

In front of my eyes I watched the victories fade
My dream was unmade, this team was so fake

Despite being woven from the same thread
You're Better off dead with a kick to the head

It was the end of the round
Your Life bar was beaten down
Like bane versus the bat
You lay broken on the mat

You should've listened when stone cold told ya
Don't trust anyone especially a cobra

Im Not some pet that dances for his master
The pharaoh was asking for a barbershop disaster

You made us fools I still hear the laughter
Was world's dumbest redneck the title you were after

Used and abused, tattered and torn
I was left badly beaten by the twelve summit tour

I was fighting battles that were meant to be yours
I had no choice but to settle the score

Damn Right I'm the villain and I just clocked in
I cant deny I've got some devils Within

My head full of voices,My hands full of sin
It's an insult to say you were Osirian


Strike first strike fast strike hard
Only after disaster
Can we be resurrected

Strike first, Strike fast, Strike hard
Those without discipline
Die without honor

Pre verse:

If your name was wahoo
Break your leg is what is do

And if superman can't walk
Then why should you!

Verse 2:

Let me remind you what we came here for
Under the sign of Osiris we were born

Soldiers trained in the art of war
I closed the portal to acquire final form

My venom mystifies like the Wizard of Gore
I get more boos than a liquor store

I strike with the force of a pharaoh's army
Not even UltraMantis could destroy me

I rule this ring with an iron claw
Wreckin luchadors like my name was jaws
Call me Judge Dredd I am the law
When your up against snake style War is raw Cause I

Strike First, Strike Fast, Strike Hard

Off with their heads checking off my death list
Grim reaper armed to the teeth with red mist

When your in the clutch, you will submit
This is real life fool, their is no twist

Just a fade to black, Amasis ain't comin back
Finished him off in mortal kombat

Don't need a referee, No ones counting to three
I killed Amasis, flawless victory

The snake spirit lives forever in me
Ophidian wins, Fatality